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closeup of turkey goat cheese baked pasta

Turkey Goat Cheese Baked Pasta

march 22, 2022

closeup of turkey goat cheese baked pasta


Be your own personal chef with this easy pasta bake. My clients tell me how wonderful it is to pull something from the fridge already made and ready to heat. I am thrilled when I can do the same. This easy turkey tomato marinara, goat cheese and brown rice pasta dish carried me through some busy winter weeks. Continue reading

closeup of beyond meat stuffed shells

Beyond Meat Stuffed Shells

june 15, 2021

closeup of beyond meat stuffed shells

Last week I pulled some chili from the freezer for a desperation dinner (nothing fresh and no desire for carryout). The chili had several types of beans and vegetables and Beyond Meat burger crumbles. It occurred to me that not one soul could have noted the difference between the plant based meat and the real thing. It’s that good. Continue reading

bean and artichoke pasta bake

Bean and Artichoke Pasta Bake

march 21, 2019

bean and artichoke pasta bake

It would be easy to categorize this dish as a variation of macaroni and cheese, which is what we all tend to call pasta in a creamy, cheesy sauce. But there are veggies in this pasta, with a sauce made creamy from blended white beans and artichoke hearts, as well as feta cheese, and green peas and roasted red pepper nestled among the noodles. This, my friends, is not your mother’s mac and cheese. Continue reading

Asparagus and Tomato Pesto Pasta

april 22, 2016

asparagus and tomato pesto pasta

Know why pasta dinners are so popular? Boil water, add pasta, open jar of sauce and that’s that. Wouldn’t it be great if you had easy-to-defrost homemade sauce in the freezer, like kale apricot┬ápesto or herbed roasted tomatoes? Now add sun-dried tomato pesto to that list.

Continue reading